Online User conference 2020 – AARO Integrator

AARO Integrator session description

AARO Integrator, what does it do? Is it really useful? – Yes it is!

What AARO Integrator do, is getting you a simple, secure and timesaving import of data into AARO, from a customer’s ERP system.

The data can be pulled from SQL views or tables, stored procedures, text files, MS Excel files, or a customer specific installation. Each import can be fully scheduled, semiautomatic or manual.

AARO Integrator is not only timesaving when closing the books, it also always gives you a secure and exact transfer and full control over the mapping rules, since the integrator also automatically map, add up accounts, convert data, separate values, adjust symbols, and so on.

It’s not without reason this tool is widely used among our customers.

And there is more! There is actually one more thing you can do when you have an integrator – you can use our functionality called Drill-thru, which makes it possible to explore additional aspects that is not reported in AARO.

In this session we will guide you through it all!

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