Online User conference 2020 – System Administration

Shortened Training: System Administration, session description

Familiarize yourself with our System Administration training in this session, where we present selected parts of the standard training on how to be a system administrator in AARO.

This shortened System Administration training give you gives you an insight into the tools you are given to customize workflows in Dashboard, tools to monitor the company reporters’ progress and guide on when controllers can start the analysis of the closing.

In the standard training we focus on how to build and administrate workflows for different user groups, how we can work with early reconciliation for the company reporters, and how we can build up reconciliation rules for quality controls and request comments from the company reporters if rules are violated.

You will learn more about this training and also get to take part in selected chapters from the training.

Read more about the full training at System Administration – Closing administration

and at System Administration – Workflows and Reconciliation.

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