Solved known issues and recommendations about upgrades – AARO and AARO Lease


Product / Version Ref Solved Known Issues



  • Fixes the issue where journal data in edit mode disappeared when saved if you had validation errors.
  • Fixes the issue where you could not present cell context nor Drilldown and Expand in reports where you have PE ID or EV ID in report definition.



  • Performance improved to present reconciliation result using New Recon Complete (where some customers experienced OutOfMemory issue and server crash)
20 CPV3 AARO Lease 9136,
  • Get the new functionality for Decrease of scope and Impairment.
  • Fix of opening balances and multiple revisions within a year. The limit of 3 revisions could generate different issues at the 4th revision, where it is difficult to foresee the symptoms of the error.
  • Various fixes concerning Share dimension especially if you have allocation on more share dimension values for a contract.
    • Opening balances now reflect a changed allocation percentage between Share dimension values.
    • Corrects allocation and calculation of Deferred tax on share dimension values when you have allocation on more share dimension values for a contract.
    • Corrects Translation differences LOC to Group on the applicable Share dimension value instead of UNDEF.


  • Fixes various issues with Deferred tax where you have changed tax rates with other changes of the contracts.


Aaro Systems Recommendation on Upgrades – AARO & AARO Lease:

  • Aaro systems always recommends you as a customer to upgrade to the latest version (Major el CPV), this to ensure that you take advantage of the latest bug fixes, as well as new functionality.
  • An upgrade to AARO21 / CPV2 (or at least AARO20 / CPV3 if you are currently running AARO20) is our strong recommendation.