Solved known issues and recommendations about upgrades, Q4

Version  Ref  Solved Known issue (KI) and new or extended functionality

20 CPV4.1
AARO and AARO Lease IFRS 16

In the patch 20 CPV4.1 which holds also the bug fixes and extended functionality from 20 CPV4, we have included additional bug fixes, please see below.
The patch 20 CPV4.1 is replacing the 20 CPV4 in planned upgrades for both AARO and AARO Lease. Should you have 20 CPV4 and experience the 10221 as a problem, contact our support to replace the 20 CPV4 with 20 CPV4.1.
10221 Fix added in 20 CPV4.1 (KI in 20 CPV4)
Fixes the issue where reports with Source:INPUT with multiple columns or rows behaved differently due to a temporary bug in (20 CPV4). When executed, the reports presented a matrix of possible combinations given your selection on the row or column parameters instead of only the combinations with data (unless you activate remove empty rows/columns). If you have ‘All’ selected and you have wide access in AARO this could have created a very large report and in some situations, this would affect the performance of presenting the report. If many users were executing large reports at the same time the reports could hang, and in worst case cause the server to go down.


9672 Extended functionality!
We now support moving opening balances values with Legal Type PE and PEInv for dimensions with FromCo as Subdimension when member relation changes between closing and opening periods, also when the dimension is not defined as a Legal Group.
9898, 9892 Isolated average translation

  • Fixes the issues where the calculations of Depreciation (DeprDepr) was incorrect for periods with isolated average translation for GWIDs which you make changes for over time, in year 2 and later.
  • Fixes the issue for cash flow in periods with isolated average translation for a cash flow set up where you have part of the cash flow to historic rates and the rest following calculation to average rate (the isolated average translation logic in this case applied). Our usual logic expects an average translation of the whole cash flow and there we do not have this problem. We now consider the specific situation mentioned for CF calculations for periods with isolated average translation.
9776 Fixes the issue where comments were deleted for all companies when you copy legal information for a selection of companies in Data Entry Legal. The copy functionality in Legal should neither delete nor copy comments at all.
9385 Fixes the issue with not correctly reversed depreciations if you retire an Excess value within the same year as it is acquired and the asset is not owned from the start of the year and you reverse the values in Data Entry Legal not in the acquired ID column but create a duplicate of the ID and reverse the values there (which is what the Dispose button will do). After the upgrade a recalculation of the reversed depreciation will give a correct depreciation value in this situation. Our recommendation however is that in this situation you should reverse the values within the same column.
9380 Fixes the problem where Excel Send converted Accounting Type ID to upper case letter and it was not possible to send data on AcctType other than default unless the AcctType ID was uppercase letters. Now Send formula is case sensitive and will send on ID matching the spelling.

20 CPV4 AARO Lease IFRS 16

9697 Extended functionality!
Fixes the issue where the use of isolated average translation for periods was not supported for Lease.
Changed logic
The handling of exchange differences LOC to Group has been inconsequent. To solve possible issues and align the functionality with other exchange difference calculations the technical upgrade will replace translation logic with bookings logic for each asset class. For extra asset classes it must be added manually. For more information please see configuration notes.
9572 Fixes the issue with sequential periodic payment plans where different periodicity and/or offset (prepayment) are set up. The calculation used the last set up payment and not the individual calculations.
9692 Fixes the issue where importing a contract with changes multiple times in the same period caused incorrect calculation of Deferred Tax. If you have incorrect values, remove the revision causing the incorrect deferred tax in the period for that contract and add the changes for the contract manually in the contract view or import again now with the version where this is fixed.


Version Ref Solved Known issue (KI) and new or extended functionality


10080 Fixes the issue where the default decimals set up for accounts in Windows client menu Utilities/Edit Accounts was broken in web drilldown reports by new user preference setting ’Locale specific figure notation’ introduced in 21 CPV 1. When ’Manual decimal choice’ was not selected then default decimals did not apply in web reports.
9914 Fixes the issue where Report Total and Grand Total included calculated items into summation. Calculated items should not be included into Report Total and Grand Total calculation.
10092 Fixes the issue with match reports for forms having Accounting Type or Proforma Type as input field. The problem was that the parameters required a value in Add New entry even when not added to the report definition. It should not appear or be required in match report unless added to the report definition. The default parameter values should apply when saving an entry.
9913 Fixes the issue with recon and complete not working when the user has restriction on Adjustment Level in user rights. Reconciliation rules were not loaded in the reconciliation component in this case.
10311 Fixes the issue where Companies that are disposed and set to 0% in ownership in the legal tree or Cost Companies was included in the eliminations logic if there is still information in PE and EV. This information is now again ignored in the eliminations logic.
10190 Fixes the upgrade issue in 21 CPV3 where the new logic to specify Accounting Type and Proforma Type on PEID in Data Entry Legal was always overriding a set up PE logic to differentiate on Accounting Type level based on PECode. That logic was always overridden by the value for the PE ID. Now in 21 CPV4 we have adjusted so that new and existing logic will not cause a problem at the upgrade. The basic principal is that if the PEID has the default value and a PECode has other value then the PECode value applies but if you have other than default on PEID that will override any PECode value. That is our new a preferred logic. Please refer to also to Configuration notes for upgrades to 21 CPV4.
10328 Fixes the issue with bookings calculations when the figure used in bookings are based on data that comes from the Lease contract reporting and the booking is defined on a higher level within a hierarchy than the reported level in Lease contracts. In this case the booking was not calculated. The fix is implemented in the standard CONS_LOOP.
10236 Fixes the issue with indirect minority (Legal Type IM) elimination when using legal subgroup as dimension. Changes in 21 (CPV3) related to introduction of Acquiring Parent specification in Legal had an effect on elimination logic for indirect minority where the IM was eliminated in the wrong dimension member when there is a minority (on MainGroup level) in the parent of the subgroup. In this case the part of indirect minority related to legal types Goodwill and PEInv stayed under the parent’s subgroup instead of being placed in the ELIM subgroup. You could handle this by adjusting with journal. Please refer to also to Configuration notes for upgrades to 21 CPV4.

21 CPV4 AARO Lease IFRS 16

10285 Fixes the issue where users with restriction on Adjustment level did not get rights to see or edit Contracts in Lease Contract UI.
10417 Fixes the issue where it was not possible to create a series of contract entities for a type and category e.g. Rate/Interest Rate with the same name unique by an added dimension like Region. Adding another entity for another region would overwrite the existing. Another thing we have changed is that to replace an existing Entity Series Name, you must search and load it from the list and change it from there. Previously it was possible to replace if you added the duplicate information when creating New Series or New Entry in series, which would identify a duplicate entity asking if you want to replace. With this we reduce the risk of accidentally replacing an existing entity.
#90 Additional account configuration of LLEXIST to handle contracts with only initial payment plan information.
The upgrade script includes fixing the issue where calculation for prepayments was not executed if a contract has no values in other items than in initial prepayment plan. The visible symptoms were that LYINITADJ was empty after consolidation. In the upgrade script the accounts LYINIPRPAY and LYOPENING is added to the sum for account LLEXIST.
10104, 10474 Reversed interest effect for payments before commence date.
For contracts with payments happening before commence date, our recommendation is to add the first payment as an initial prepayment. If you have not followed that recommendation but instead added this payment in the payment plan, the system default sets interest rate to 0% with Until date the last date before commence date. With that we expect no interest effect calculated before commence date. Fixed is now the issue for contracts where first payment date is not the same as the Until date but some days before where we seemed to get a reversed interest effect for the period before and an increase of the lease liability. A suggested work around was to change the Until date to the same date as Commence date to avoid this effect. This fix may cause differences after the upgrade and we refer to handling those using our adjustment functionality for contracts.
10528 Prepayments not correctly calculated (payment plan changes with remeasurement date outside remeasurement period). Fixes the issue where calculations of prepayments affecting the periods changes was incorrect, which in turn had an effect on the result in income statement in different areas. It was also visibly noted in the Preview Payment, reflecting the payment schedule where you see that the effect to date for the payment previous to the changed payment plan is incorrectly cut off earlier than it should be. The problem was for contracts with prepayments using periodic schedule with either Start of Month or Scheduled Date, where payment plan is changed with a remeasurement (adding a sequential payment row) and where the remeasurement date is outside the period where the remeasurement is made. If you have upgraded to 21 CPV3.X already you had an effect when from AARO20 and now when this is corrected, you will again possibly see an effect in 21 CPV4. Please note that unfortunately we have not solved all issues concerning contracts with prepayment where you change the payment plans for future payments. Please refer to Known Issues for 21 CPV4.
10055, 10020 Fixes the issues related to changing or retiring contracts that have previous remeasurements.

  • Fixed is the issue where a change of e.g. Tax rate or a Reference field of a contract generated a remeasurement if the contract has a previous remeasurement date. Calculations was performed based on that date and created an incorrect remeasurement for the current period. The work around was to add a new remeasurement date within the current period you are working with, which would prevent the incorrect remeasurement calculation.
  • Fixed is the issue where a retire of a contract that has a previous remeasurement date where the dispose was not consequently done on only dispose accounts. Calculation and creation of a remeasurement was also performed. In reports you saw the “retirement” divided on both remeasurement and dispose accounts but closing balances are 0. Now the dispose is handled correctly on the dispose accounts.


Aaro Systems recommendation on Upgrades
– AARO & AARO Lease IFRS 16:

  • Aaro systems always recommends you as a customer to upgrade to the latest version (Major and CPV), this to ensure that you take advantage of the latest bug fixes, as well as new functionality.
  • An upgrade to AARO21 CPV4 is our strong recommendation. In AARO21 we have new functionality for both AARO and AARO Lease IFRS 16 that is not available in AARO20.