Thank you to all our customers for good cooperation in 2019, an exciting and intense year!

For Christmas 2019, in our commitment to orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya, we have chosen to support the school St. Philomena Homes of Hope. It is a gender-mixed school for children with HIV or AIDS, founded by Father Francis Limo Riwa, who has long been involved in helping severely poor and orphaned children in Kenya. The school today has just above 100 pupils.

Through the school, the children – in addition to primary and secondary education – also receive medicine and food that this group of children would never have had access to if they were not placed there.

Over two decades, Francis Limo Riwa has founded and operated both day care centres and orphanages. He is also the founder of the children’s village of Nchiru Children’s Village where St. Philomena Homes of Hope is located. In the children’s village, there is also the girls’ school St. Clare Girls Centre, which today has 380 pupils, and the boys’ school St. Francis Children’s Village, with 450 students. Over the years, the schools have provided thousands of children with the opportunity for a safe upbringing and education to build upon. Of those who left the schools, many have gone on to different universities, have found work, and are doing well in life.

Francis Limo Riwa has also been involved in the fight against child marriage. One of the students at the school – Lilian Nabaru – was bought from an arranged child marriage with an older man when she was 12, by paying back the girl’s dowry to the man.

Henry Murangiri

On December 21, Jonas Aaro (Aaro Systems founder) will be at the school and will personally make our contribution to Father Francis Limo Riwa’s organization. He will be going there with Henry Murangiri, from our consultancy organisation in Nairobi. Henry is a former student from St. Francis, who trained as an engineer and now works full-time with us at our Nairobi office. During his studies, Henry was a much-appreciated intern with us, and we are happy and proud of his happiness and success. Henry will stay at St. Francis and celebrate Christmas at the school, that was his home between 2003 and 2014.

Follow-up with more information about the work at the school, and what our contribution has given the children, including some pictures of course, will come after New Year!

We hope and believe that you and all our other customers are happy to join us in giving these children a safe upbringing and future instead of us giving you another chocolate box or a nice blanket.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year with best wishes to the entire Aaro family!