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Aaro Systems AB was founded 1989. Since 1999 we have delivered standardised CPM (Corporate Performance Management) AARO software to a broad range of customers. We release a new software version every year – the current version is 11.0.

AARO supports each step of the consolidation process – beginning with the compilation of information from company subsidiaries all the way up to the ultimate presentation of material for management at all levels.

AARO supports all CPM processes such as.

  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Budgets / Forecasts / Planning

AARO enables its customers to greatly improve their processes and significantly reduce the lead-time during period-end closings. Some of the software features are:

  • Reliable figures from financial intelligence that automatically handles all kinds of group eliminations, with full traceability
  • Instantly accessible information. Information is at your fingertips due to our approach to OLAP (Online analytical processing), removing all ’technical lead-times’
  • Everything in one system – complete coverage of statutory reports, along with all aspects required for operational follow up
  • AARO can easily handle very large databases and routines, such as daily sale statistics for international company groups

Among our many customers over the last 25 years are companies ranging from global corporations with thousands of users to smaller companies with just a few reporting units.