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About Aaro Systems

Aaro Systems AB has a vision to make group consolidation simpler, quicker and more transparent. Having developed and refined our product for over 30 years, we are able today to offer a complete system that meets the needs for reporting, consolidation, group accounting, operational follow-up and analysis – for both large and small business groups.

With AARO as an instrument for your business group, you ensure a quick and quality-assured closing process that is easy to analyse and present, with a minimum of manual work procedures.


Aaro Systems AB was established in 1989 and the first version of AARO came on the market in 1999. Over the first 10 years, the foundations for our product were laid through the development of a customised reporting solution for international corporations. The result of that work was AARO, a complete CPM (Corporate Performance Management) system.

In 2005, AARO was complemented by what we now call AARO Base Package – a set of accounts that covers the needs of most clients and enables simple and fast implementation. Naturally, AARO Base Package can be supplemented and adapted to your particular needs and wishes.

The current version – AARO22 – was released at our user conference, 24 November-10 December 2020.

Aaro Systems AB is a self-financed, privately owned company and today has 130 employees in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Kalix, Riga, Nairobi and Dubai.


For a number of years, Aaro Systems AB has been the leading supplier of group reporting systems to the Swedish market. Today, every second group chooses AARO when changing its group accounting system. On NasdaqOMX Stockholm Large Cap, over 25% are AARO users, and our clients represent a range of different industries with a variety of reporting and follow-up requirements.

Over the years, Aaro Systems has built up a reputation for adaptability to its clients’ needs. Close cooperation, and development projects together with some of the biggest groups in Scandinavia have contributed to the growth of an organisation well equipped to meet market needs both in and outside Sweden. AARO software is already installed in more than 140 countries worldwide.