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Course content

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AARO Basic Training

Time: Online 09.00-16.00 (9 am-4 pm CET) both days

The AARO Basic training has a clear focus on the accounting process. It is designed to enable you to get started with accounting and financial statements. The focus is on reporting, acquisition registers, reports and analyses. There is also more time for exercises directly in AARO.

In all parts of the education, the theory is interspersed with practical exercises where you yourself work with the tools and functions directly in our educational environment.

The training is two full days. In connection with these two days there is the opportunity to add a training day in AARO System Administration (read more below) where we go through how to administer accounts, periods, users etc.

During the course we work in the latest version of AARO.

Day 1 – Basic information, acquisition register and reporting

  • Basic architecture and basic concepts
  • Legal updates (new companies, acquisition analysis)
  • Reporting and importing
  • Internal transactions and match reports

Day 2 – Records/journals, reports and analysis

  • Journals
  • Check reports (predefined)
  • Analyses (predefined and drilldown)
  • Dashboard (workflow, calendar, reports etc.)
  • Reports (create and edit)
  • Excel (input reporting and output reports)

AARO System Administration

Time: Online 09.00-16.00 (9 am-4 pm CET)

This course is good for you who are new as a system administrator in AARO or need to update your knowledge. The course is usually scheduled in connection with AARO Basic Training.

During the course we work in the latest version of AARO.

We will be going through:

  • Chart of accounts, posting and defining accounts
  • Period administration
  • Input reporting forms and packages
  • Dimensions and structure
  • User administration
  • Reconciliation rules and match rules
  • Dashboard, administration

AARO Lease

Time: Online 09.00-16.00 (9 am-4 pm CET)

The course gives you the basics of the product AARO Lease, which is the tool that gives you control over your leasing contracts and the IFRS 16 effects in your group. The course is aimed at those who will work actively with registration and management of contracts. We also review the reporting tool for monitoring the effects of IFRS 16.

The day ends with a review of basic AARO functionality and administration, which you need to use AARO Lease. This review is important for those who work with the administration in AARO Lease and are not used to working with administration in AARO.

After completing the course you should have sufficient knowledge to start registering and analyzing the effects of your leasing contracts.

AARO Lease training content:

  • How to register lease contracts in AARO Lease, including description of the fields in Lease registration form.
  • How to run reports in AARO to follow up on lease information and analyse the numbers.
  • Presentation of reports/charts on Dashboard in AARO.

For system administrators/superusers on customer side, also:

  • Basic AARO functionality; create companies, dimensions and periods that are needed for Lease contract registration.

» Read more about AARO Lease (in English) (Pdf, opens in new window)

AARO Legal in-depth

Time day 1: Online 9.00-17.00 (9 am-5 pm CET)
Time day 2: Online 9.00-17.00 (9 am-5 pm CET)

AARO Legal in-depth is a continuation of our basic education for those who work with the acquisition register in AARO. Here we go through the legal logic to get a deeper understanding of how legal consolidation is done in AARO. We also go through the handling of legal groups and deepen our understanding of the most common tasks such as acquisitions and divestments of companies.

During the course we work in the latest version of AARO.

Example of legal consolidation and legal events we run through:

  • Calculation of translation differences
  • Untaxed reserves – breakdown of deferred tax and profit
  • Elimination of acquired equity
  • Calculation and booking of write-offs and net of surplus and deficit values
  • Calculation and booking of the minority’s share of earnings and equity
  • Calculation and booking of full goodwill
  • Acquisition of subsidiaries
  • Divestment of subsidiaries
  • Internal group sales
  • Write-down of shares in subsidiaries
  • Successive acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Acquisition of groups

In order to fully benefit from the legal specialisation in AARO, we recommend that those who participate have gone through our three-day basic education, or have equivalent knowledge.

Practical information and registration

Please register no later than one week before the current training date.

Any cancellations must be made at least one week before the course starts. If cancellation is made later, 50% of the fee will be charged. If cancelled less than 48 hours before the start of the course, the full fee will be charged.

Upon request:

Reconciliations and analysis in AARO

A rewarding course for group accountants who work with reconciliation and analysis in AARO. The training focuses on legal / consolidated accounting reconciliations, as well as how you best investigate reasons why differences may have arisen.

We delve into various parameters including a more detailed review of what the terms Company, FromCompany and legal types signify. This makes the foundation for the analysis of legal changes that you then can make in AARO.

During the course we work in the latest version of AARO.

  • Review of report variables in AARO
  • The use of Legal Type and Company versus FromCompany
  • How to use AARO’s check reports and analysis reports in a financial statement
  • Analysis of operational dimensions, use of groups and mixed dimensions
  • Analysis of internal transactions in the web client and Excel
  • Analysis of data reported in matrix forms
  • Period simulation
  • Currency simulation

In order to be able to fully utilise the education analysis in AARO, we recommend that those who participate have gone through our three-day basic education, or have equivalent knowledge.

Delta training in the latest version of AARO, AARO21

In our delta training, we go through all the new funcionalities in the latest version of AARO (AARO21).

  • New user preference settings to present cell context, and possibility to use AARO or your browser locale for figure notation for preferred thousand and decimal separators.
  • Report Package Generator – a designated way to create and maintain structured report packages.
  • Staging functionality, a new feature that facilitates validation and correction at import.
  • Filter match reports by transaction currency and add report totals.

» Read more about AARO21 (PDF, opens in a new window).

AARO Integrator

A Toolbox training module

We go through the basics of integration and how to set up mapping rules. The education includes both a theoretical and a practical component. After completing the training, you should be able to configure changes yourself and set up new mappings for pre-systems.

  • Integration in general
  • Data sources and settings
  • Simple mapping
  • Loading data
  • Testing
  • Exercises
  • Things to bear in mind