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Drilldown – Customers’ favourite function!

“The most valuable AARO function for us is drilldown. It lets you examine each and every number. You can drill down into every component, making it relatively simple to find inconsistencies and identify where they come from. Very efficient.”

This is what our customer ice group says about the function. Along with many others!

Drilldown is a central part of AARO and used very frequently in the report generator, especially during the year-end closing process.

Drilldown can be used for different needs:

  • Generating reports with multiple detail layers.
  • Drilling into IFRS 16 and immediately seeing contract effects.
  • Quickly and easily finding out how much is owned and how much is rented out.
  • How have certain key performance indicators been impacted? Simply drill down and look.
  • Drill down and analyse the effects of legal changes.
  • Drill down in the balance sheet and scrutinise your operating entities.
  • Take a deeper look at business impacts from the top of a group.