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Our solutions

Many group accounting managers face big challenges every day. Lack of time is a primary one. Manual work procedures, slow and limited opportunities to break down figures mean that there is simply not enough time.

We offer user-friendly solutions that make your every day-work simpler and more efficient.

With our product AARO, the key to our entire operations, you save hours, days even, in the closing process – valuable time that you can instead spend on analysis and follow-up of operations.

AARO complies with both external and legal accounting requirements and internal operational needs for reporting and follow-up. In other words, you have control over the entire operation in a single system.

For an easier transition to IFRS 16, we have developed the stand-alone product AARO Lease IFRS 16, which supports you in the work of becoming IFRS-compliant and facilitates the continuous follow-up of your portfolio of leasing contracts.

AARO Cash Forecast is another useful stand-alone product. It improves the reliability of cash forecasts at the group level, streamlines group reporting, and provides structured outcome versus forecast follow-up.