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Our solutions

Many group accounting managers face big challenges every day. Lack of time is a primary one. Manual work procedures, slow and limited opportunities to break down figures mean that there is simply not enough time.

We offer user-friendly solutions that make your every day-work simpler and more efficient.

With our product AARO, the key to our entire operations, you save hours, days even, in the closing process – valuable time that you can instead spend on analysis and follow-up of operations.

AARO complies with both external and legal accounting requirements and internal operational needs for reporting and follow-up. In other words, you have control over the entire operation in a single system.

For an easier transition to IFRS 16, we have developed the stand-alone product AARO Lease IFRS 16, which supports you in the work of becoming IFRS-compliant and facilitates the continuous follow-up of your portfolio of leasing contracts.

AARO Cash Forecast is another useful stand-alone product. It improves the reliability of cash forecasts at the group level, streamlines group reporting, and provides structured outcome versus forecast follow-up.

A complete toolkit for reporting and analysis

The flexible design enables reporting of a number of financial and non-financial key ratios specific to your particular business. These values can concern everything from products, customers and markets to volumes, human resources statistics and environmental information.

You yourself choose the number of parameters you want in AARO, adapted to the requirements of your operational follow-up. Each parameter can include an unlimited number of member parameters. Through the parameters you can then simply and swiftly break down the information from group level to the lowest level of detail.

More efficient closing process

AARO is designed to meet the complex reporting and follow-up needs that business groups today have. Thanks to high performance, AARO consolidates enormous quantities of data in real-time with no time lag. That means that AARO keeps you constantly updated at group level, even on changes during the last minutes of group accounting.

The system even minimises manual work procedures through its smooth integration with other external data sources.

Support and development

Choosing AARO, or any of our other products, puts the entire expertise of our consultants at your disposal. Our experienced consultants assure the implementation of the system and offer a number of different services to support you in your day-to-day operations.

The services are adapted to your needs and can be directly related either to the system or to other areas that concern group reporting or group accounting in your company. Our consulting organisation can for example offer:

  • Implementation and upgrade projects.
  • System support and system consultation.
  • Extra resources in the closing process.
  • Consultation on accounting- and IFRS-related issues.
  • System optimisation and improved efficiency.
  • Basic and advanced training and customised courses.
  • Integration of AARO with external systems.
  • Application management.
  • IT operations.