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Our products

Our vision is to constantly simplify and improve the efficiency of our clients’ group accounting, consolidation and analysis work.

To do this, we provide a system – AARO – that is simpler, faster and more transparent than other products on the market. The latest version of our software and solution for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is AARO22.

Our stand-alone product AARO Lease IFRS 16 is an effective support in the work of making your company IFRS 16 compatible. AARO Lease IFRS 16 facilitates the continuous monitoring of your portfolio of leasing contracts and enables you to easily monitor and determine what effects IFRS 16 will have on your company, business area or group.

AARO Cash Forecast, also available as a stand-alone product, has been developed to make it easy to create reliable cash forecasts at group level. AARO Cash Forecast gives you control over your solvency at both company and group levels.

With the product AARO ESEF Reporting, you create electronic reports according to the ESMA ESEF reporting regulation, in a simple and easy way.
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AARO is a powerful and complete system to facilitate and develop your work methods. It is designed for big, medium-sized and small businesses, which gives you a system to grow and change in, and which you administrate completely independently.

The system is supplied as a turnkey Base Package ready to be installed and used immediately. This gives a complete toolkit and supports all central CPM processes:

  • Group reporting and group accounting.
  • Financial control and analysis.
  • Simulations and re-calculations.
  • Planning, budgeting, forecasting.

With AARO, data immediately become available to the entire organisation thanks to the powerful consolidation engine. AARO ensures that all data is available for analysis even when there are changes in the very last minutes of the closing process.

AARO can be integrated with external data sources and can thereby make the process from reporting to analysis and presentation completely automatic – including documentation to be presented to management and the Board.

Powerful analytical tool
In AARO, only one (1) consolidation takes place, which covers both the legal and external group accounting and the operational and internal follow-up. This means that you never need to spend time on reconciling any differences that may occur between them. In AARO, the legal and operational reporting and follow-up always match.

In addition to legal group closing, you can follow up an optional number of operational, financial or non-financial terms and key ratios that are specific to your particular operations. This gives a unique opportunity to follow up a number of operational concepts using a single model. The concept can include everything from products, customers and markets to HR and environmental statistics.

AARO Base Package
By choosing AARO you get a complete toolkit that covers your company’s basic needs for reporting, group accounting and analysis. The system is delivered as a ready package – ready to be installed and used directly.

AARO Base Package (can be seen as a starter package) gives you a solid platform from which to work, and which you can then adapt to your company-specific requirements and wishes. AARO Base Package is based on EU BAS accounting and contains accounting plans, consolidation logic and a number of reports. As a user you yourself can easily add, edit or remove accounts, forms and logic calculations.

AARO Base Package contains, among other things:

  • Base Chart of Accounts (based on IFRS).
  • Acquisitions register.
  • Cashflow.
  • Currency translation.
  • Annual accounts notes.
  • Acquisition elimination.
  • Income statement and balance sheet, including detailed schedules.
  • Dynamic reports with “drilldown” function.
  • User authorisation model.
  • Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Compatibility.
  • Web interface.
  • Dashboard.

Want to know more about the benefits of AARO?
Contact us for a demo. We will be pleased to call on you and listen, and tell you how AARO can improve the efficiency of group reporting and analytical work in your business.

AARO Lease IFRS 16

AARO Lease IFRS 16 is a product with which you can easily monitor and determine what effects IFRS 16 will have on your company, business area or group.

The IFRS 16 standard entails, among other things, that most lease contracts are capitalised in the balance sheet as an asset and as a liability. Previously, lease contracts that were previously classified as operational leases were not reported in the balance sheet. But with IFRS 16, financial and operating leases are reported in the same way, in group accounting that complies with IFRS.

Effective contract management
With AARO Lease IFRS 16 you can establish a contract database. The information is registered manually or imported per contract and all the necessary calculations required are then automatically handled on both the balance sheet and the income statement.

There is also the possibility to generate a journal for booking back in your ERP system if desired.

Integrate with AARO or use as a separate module
AARO Lease IFRS 16 can be used independently or integrated with AARO. If the product is used in an integrated manner with AARO, all effects on assets, liabilities and income statements are booked automatically in the balance sheet and income statement in a separate accounting type.

Thus, you can run reports for the balance sheet, income statement and key figures with or without IFRS 16 effects.

AARO ESEF Reporting

Make your electronic reports submitted to authorities comply with the ESMA ESEF reporting regulation, in a simple and smooth way.

With AARO ESEF Reporting you will be able to use your current workflows for creation of annual reports, with the addition of creating a Microsoft Excel file with the consolidated financial statements.

You can be sure that your ESEF report reconciles with both your glossy formatted annual report and your group reporting and consolidation system.

AARO ESEF Reporting
With our AARO ESEF reporting solution you create reports for consolidated financial statements with the easy and intuitive reports functionality that you are already familiar with in AARO. This is performed once and can then be re-used for future ESEF reporting events.

The reports and their data are exported to a Microsoft Excel format where some additional vital information is added to the MS Excel file, in order for this to be used in the actual iXBRL tagging.

xHTML file with the appropriate iXBRL tagging 
The Excel reports are uploaded to the converter, together with a PDF file containing the annual report (the final glossy PDF document that you are used to produce). This step will also reconcile that the figures in the annual report document that have been handled by investor relations (IR), or your third-party partner for annual report creation, are reconciling with the figures in the Excel report from AARO.

After these steps, your data is converted and merged into one xHTML file with the appropriate iXBRL tagging, ready to send to your local authority.

AARO Cash Forecast

With AARO Cash Forecast you create reliable cash forecasts at group level, which can save you a significant proportion of your financing costs. The product can be used independently or integrated with the AARO solution.

AARO Cash Forecast gives you control over your solvency at both company and group levels. The product works both as a support for your group staff and the local subsidiary and improves subsidiaries’ understanding of the role the cash forecast plays in the group.

Reliable cash forecasts at group level
AARO Cash Forecast follows a clear process for reporting and follow-up, which makes big quality improvements, reduces working capital and opens up opportunities to reduce your credit limits. The available information is shown in a highly convenient report generator with graphs, or via close links with MS Excel. You can also use different external BI tools.

Advantages and functions of AARO Cash Forecast:

  • Gives you control over group flows in different currencies.
  • Can show forecasts by currency or by bank account, both short and long-term forecast without day-week-month limits.
  • Can be used as documentation to set up hedging instruments.
  • Manually entering in Web interface or via a connection directly from MS Excel.
  • Transparency – easy to make analyses with built-in Drilldown function in all reports and graphs.
  • Old forecasts are made available for quality follow-up with KPIs.
  • Consolidation to the different levels of your group.
  • Effective routines that you yourself handle simply.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Makes reliable cash forecasts a natural part of your group reporting, with structured follow-up of outcome v. forecast.