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Our services

Choosing AARO puts the entire expertise of Aaro Systems at your disposal. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants assure the implementation of the system and offer a number of services to support your day-to-day work.

Our skilled consultants have long practical experience in legal and operational consolidated accounts. Many also have previous experience from key positions in major Swedish corporations. This practical experience, in combination with project management and advanced system skills, makes the Aaro Systems consultant organisation an optimal resource for your work.

Our services are tailored to your needs and can be related either directly to the system or to other areas that concern your company’s group accounting.

Here is a selection of our services:

Implementation of AARO

Implementation of AARO

Our consultants have advanced skills and long practical experience in group accounting, and operational follow-up and control. They know the system and its capacity, and have as their goal to assure your project right from implementation to start-up, so that your wishes and requirements can be met in the very best way.

System management and operation of AARO

System management and operation of AARO

For those of you without the time or interest to run your AARO application, or who perhaps do not have access to the IT skills needed, we can both operate and manage the installation for you at cost-effective rates. In addition to thorough knowledge of your particular AARO version, our application management includes far-reaching responsibilities – aimed to optimise your use of and benefits from AARO.

Monitoring installation
System management means that we monitor your installation and take the preventive system configuration actions required for you to maximise the availability of your AARO.

In the event of a disruption we provide analysis, technical help and expertise to ensure that AARO becomes available to you again as quickly as possible.

Constant improvement
AARO is under constant development to provide you with new functionality and improved performance, and to assure compatibility with other systems. We therefore recommend that you regularly upgrade AARO to the latest version. We take responsibility for you always having the latest version of AARO installed, first in test mode, then in production.

Consulting assignments

Consulting assignments

To those who have been working with AARO for some time, we offer services for further development and system optimisation. Based on your wishes, we can suggest changes in the development of existing installations. Our consultants help you by simplifying and improving your current work procedures. With our solid expertise in AARO, we can meet your requirements and wishes with regard to reporting and follow-up, and ensure that you use AARO in the very best way.

You can also hire one of our experienced consultants as an extra resource during the closing process. Both during and after office hours, we can support our clients in work-intensive periods, when sickness, holidays or other circumstances must not disrupt reporting and closing.

With our long experience in group accounting, financial management and financial control from large, listed international companies, and with our capacity to work under pressure, we lighten the workload for you and your colleagues.

Examples of consulting assignments:

  • Identifying possibilities to increase efficiency in the closing process.
  • Review of the financial flow and how information is fed into AARO.
  • Help in creating customised reports.
  • Support on issues to do with group accounting.
  • Complementing AARO with non-financial information while eliminating the ancillary reporting.
  • Extra resource during the closing process.

Global Support

Global Support – 24/7 product support online

Aaro Systems Global Support provide support to help you as customer towards your defined Service Level Agreement (SLA), and ensures that you will receive the highest levels of service, regardless of which of our products you use, or which version. We provide 24/7 product support online via our case management system or via chat.

Our self-service support portal provides you with immediate access to the material you need to solve your issue, via a vast knowledge library and a 24/7 online support case system.

Here you find:

  • Manuals
  • Knowledge base
  • Technical whitepapers

Upgrade of AARO

Upgrade of AARO

For best performance and compatibility with other systems, we carry out projects to upgrade to the latest version of AARO. Besides better performance and compatibility, the upgrade gives you access to new functionality that creates new possibilities for you in your closing process.

To make the upgrade process as smooth as possible, together with you we go through the time schedule and the activities that the version changeover entails.

Integration projects

We have carried out many projects in which AARO is integrated with other systems and processes, aimed to minimise the stages in information transfer.

If you want to integrate your company’s business system, ERP system etc., with AARO for automatic data collection from an external source, it can be done with our standardised AARO Integrator II. There is also the possibility of opening the door to AARO via other systems.

AARO Connector provides a secure and standard way to fetch information for further processing, presentation and analysis. Other clients or system solutions can read information in real time directly from AARO with the help of AARO Connector.

Training – AARO Academy

AARO Academy

AARO Academy provide online training courses covering your different needs for our product. The better you get to know our AARO products, the more you will appreciate the features, logic and possibilities!

Our courses range from basic knowledge about tools and features in our AARO products, to more advanced aspects of consolidated financial statements such as maintaining complex group structures, disposals and reorganisations.

» See all our courses and upcoming dates.