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There are many reasons to choose AARO, and some of them follow.
Do you want to know more about how the system works in practice?

We will be pleased to call on you and listen to your wishes and requirements for reporting solutions, and show you how AARO can improve the efficiency of group reporting and follow-up in your business.

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Own consulting organisation

Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants assure the implementation of the system, and in addition offer a number of services to support your day-to-day work.

The services are tailored to your needs and can be related either directly to the system or to other areas that concern group accounting in your company. Our consulting organisation can for example offer:

  • Ongoing system support.
  • Extra resources during the closing process.
  • Training and development.
  • Integration of AARO with different pre-systems.

Simple and fast implementation

When you choose AARO, you get a complete system that covers your company’s basic needs for reporting, group accounting and analysis. AARO is shipped as our ready Base Package – ready to be installed and used immediately.

AARO gives you a solid platform to work from, which is then adapted to the specific requirements and wishes of your company. AARO is being continuously developed to suit our clients’ requirements and wishes.

Client driven development

We are constantly striving to improve the way we automate, simplify and quality-assure our clients’ group accounting and operational follow-up. We therefore continually cooperate with you the client on the development of the closing process, and we at AARO are open to your suggestions, requirements and wishes.

Every second business group chooses AARO

We have for many years been the leading supplier of group reporting systems at the Swedish market.

Today every second business group chooses our software AARO when changing its group accounting system. On NasdaqOMX Stockholm Large Cap, over 25% are AARO users, and our clients represent a range of different industries with a variety of reporting and follow-up requirements.

Read some of our customers’ own words on how AARO have helped them simplify their closing, cut leadtimes, the Drilldown function benefits, and more.

100% focus on group accounting

By choosing our product you gain access to more than 30 years’ experience in group reporting and consolidation. We have broad skills in accounting and technology, with 100% focus on financial reporting.

Our personnel and consultants have long and hands-on experience in legal and operational group reporting and from their key functions in major listed companies in Sweden.

Powerful report generator

AARO’s powerful report generator is unique on the market, and according to our clients in general, very user-friendly.

With AARO, your internal and external reporting and follow-up will always match, since the information is saved in a single data source. In addition, the system is available to all users round the clock, even when maintenance and consolidation are ongoing.

In addition to the included standard reports, you can easily create customised reports down to the lowest level of detail for all standard and company-specific follow-up and accounting parameters. We have for example made it extremely simple to create new accounts, and add key ratios and reports, so that you become self-sufficient and not dependent on consultants.

Accessible and secure round the clock

The AARO software provides a quality-assured closing process without downtime. The system is available to all users round the clock and can be used even when consolidation and maintenance are ongoing.

AARO meets confidentiality requirements
To meet your company’s confidentiality requirements in connection with the closing process, there is an advanced authorisation module. Each user’s rights are controlled and information is shown only to the users entitled to see it.

For your security, AARO is controlled by a set of regulations that you yourself determine. The regulations state who may be admitted into the system and it validates that the information is coherent and balanced, and validates how any differences are to be notified.

If your company is listed on American stock markets, all activities linked to SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) can easily be registered in AARO.

Traceable and transparent down to the lowest level of detail

AARO’s powerful report generator effectively analyses the information down to the lowest level of detail and gives you direct access to many parameters in parallel, without time lag.

In addition to the standard reports included, you can easily create customised reports for all standard and company-specific follow-up and accounting parameters. The unique “drilldown” function automatically becomes available and with it you can “drill down” in all the parameters – including the organisation and accounting plan ­– and analyse the information at detailed level.

The speed of AARO distinguishes it from for example the structure of the classic OLAP analysis (Online Analytical Processing), where the parameters first need to be processed.

Large capacity and broad scope

AARO gives you a full overview of operations thanks to the system’s unique capacity to monitor an unlimited number of parameters in parallel, without slowing the excellent performance.

The standard terms included cover the basic needs of most companies. You can for example present:

  • EU BAS accounting plan.
  • Companies.
  • Accounting standards (US GAAP, IFRS, Swedish GAAP, ÅRL, etc.).
  • Accounting standards or IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) etc.
  • Currencies.
  • Periods.
  • Elimination steps in acquisition analysis.
  • Currency exposure by currencies.
  • Recalculation of outcome at optional exchange rates, for example budget and previous year.
  • Pro forma analyses.
  • Internal dealings.

In addition to standard concepts, scope is given to measure as many parameters – financial or non-financial – as are specific to your business. The parameters you yourself define can concern example products, customers, markets, projects, cost centres, business units, sales channels, etc.


Ever since the start 32 years ago, we have developed and designed AARO to meet the requirements of complex operational follow-up in both large and small business groups and fast-growing companies. Our clients today include both multinational groups with thousands of users and smaller business groups with a handful of reporting units.

AARO is today highly adaptable, with unique user-friendly flexibility, addressing users at high strategic level as well as users at the lowest operational level of the organisation.

The system is very simple to administrate. System administrators of yours can freely change the system structure, and are thereby not dependent on consultants.

More time for analysis and follow-up
In AARO we have automated what can be automated in the system, but kept options for analysis and understanding book entries. Since there is always transparency, you can break down and follow all automatic eliminations and recalculations, and see how they are calculated and where they can be allocated.

The powerful consolidation engine handles vast quantities of data with outstanding performance. As soon as new data is added to AARO, consolidation takes place automatically. In other words, there is no lead-time between reporting in data and presentation of figures. With AARO you win days in the closing process, which can instead be devoted to analysis and follow-up.

Smoothly integrates with different pre-systems
AARO also eliminates time thieves in the form of manual work procedures and intermediaries. If the companies within your group use different variants of pre-systems, they can be smoothly integrated with AARO so that data are automatically retrieved from the different external data sources that you define. AARO can read data from external systems, such as SQL databases, OLAP Cubes, ASCII files and XML files.

Since all data are saved in a single data source, your company’s internal and external reporting and follow-up will always match.