Take the opportunity to get the AARO21 and AARO Lease IFRS 16 news presented to you, and to talk to an expert!

Torbjörn Alfredsson

Torbjörn Alfredsson

On this live webinar for AARO customers, Senior Business Project Manager Torbjörn Alfredsson, will present the highlights and added features of AARO21 and AARO Lease IFRS 16.

Time: 11:30 CET / 12:30 EAT (Kenya) / 13:30 GST (Dubai)

Webinar content / agenda:

  • More user preference settings
    • Number format for thousands and decimal separator – use AAROs default or your browsers setting. Applies also at export to PDF
    • Cell context dialogue – always visible at click, or first at right click?
  • Enhancements for comment functionality
    • Move the comment dialogue while commenting
    • Comments are grouped with headers and possible to collapse/expand
  • Short cuts for report selections
    • As an alternative to mouse clicks use short cuts with [Alt] and [Ctrl] for report selections, confirm selections, execute reports and Esc to cancel
  • Cell statistics
    • Highlight areas for analysis with colours
  • News in Match reports
    • Report totals for the split sections in the report (Group By on parameter)
    • Filter and split the report on TransCurr
    • Filter and sort the report also on TransAmount difference
  • Address validation errors during the import with “Staging”
    • Intermediate storage of imported data that is presented as a Specification in Reports
    • Adjust non-validating data or get notified on dimension values missing in AARO
    • for import with license to the Integrator and for textfile import
  • Create report packages for everyone with “Report package generator”
    • Create and administrate structured report packages according to user rights
    • Export as PDF or Excel file
  • Support for ProformaType and AccountingType in Acquisition register
  • Enhanced support for aqustition of groups
  • Support for ProformaType in input forms
  • Support for internal transfer of Leaes Contracts (Between share dimensions)
  • Adjustment to existing model for calculation of depeciations and accruals
  • Support for adjusting Lease data on contract level

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