Webinar about AARO Lease Registry

On 28 February we will host an open webinar (in English), focused on how our new product – AARO Lease Registry – will prepare you for the release of IFRS 16.

AARO Lease Registry is a product that can be used independently or integrated with the AARO solution.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate on 28 February, 14:00–14:45 CET.

AARO Lease Registry and IFRS 16
If you are currently reporting in accordance with the IFRS standard, you probably already know that IFRS 16 will be released on 1 January 2019. Even if your business won’t be affected by this new regulatory framework, the release may also be interesting for you to learn about.

Industry knowledge predicts that IFRS companies with leases or leases in their operations will be affected because the current classification will be phased out. Per the replacement model, most contracts will be reported in the balance sheet as both an asset and a liability.

Consequently, Aaro Systems is developing AARO Lease Registry – a new product that will support your work with IFRS 16 and automatically create necessary bookings in the balance sheet and income statement. It can be used independently or integrated with AARO.

With AARO Lease Registry you can:

  • create a contract database.
  • manually register information or import by contract.
  • automatically perform all essential calculations.
  • automatically create all necessary bookings.

When integrated with AARO, AARO Lease Registry supports automatic bookings in a separate accounting type. This capability enables you to run reports that show key figures with and without the effects of IFRS 16.

In addition, you can also drill down to the lowest level of granularity via the report generator and create a journal for booking back into your ERP system, if needed.

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