Liquid forecast deviations should be analysed on a daily basis. AARO Cash Forecast eliminates the risk of unpleasant surprises.

AARO Cash Forecast enables you to detect unforeseen expenses in time and thereby avoid unnecessary financial costs. The system also streamlines the subsidiaries' reporting process!
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AARO consolidates in real time with full availability 24/7, regardless if you have three or a thousand companies.

In AARO, the legal and external consolidated accounts, and the operational and internal follow-up are always consistent. How is that possible?
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AARO Lease IFRS 16 is the simplest and most efficient system for monitoring and defining IFRS 16 effects of your leases.

AARO Lease IFRS 16 performs all calculations automatically, for both the balance sheet and the income statement. Start analysing the contracts and see the effects directly!
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