AARO Cash Forecast

AARO Cash Forecast

AARO Cash Forecast gives you complete control of your solvency at company, group and regional level. Use in conjunction with AARO or standalone.

Why are regular liquidity forecasts so important?

Forecast deviations – or actual versus calculated cash flows – should be analysed on a daily basis. A group’s liquidity does not look after itself and must be monitored regularly. This will alert you to impending unforeseen expenses, enabling you to plan for them and avoid unnecessary financing costs. Through the liquidity forecasts, you can also monitor your cash needs and thereby eliminate the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Offering incentives to subsidiaries produces results throughout the group

Why ask your subsidiaries to spend time preparing reports manually? AARO Cash Forecast makes it both easier and faster to ensure regularity in liquidity forecasts. Forecasts also become more reliable.

Using AARO Cash Forecast throughout the group is not only a major benefit for the group staff, as a result of the greater reliability of liquidity forecasts. Reporting subsidiaries also gain a better understanding of the importance of their reporting for the entire group.

Benefits of AARO Cash Forecast:

  • Gives you complete control of the group’s flows in different currencies.
  • You can view forecasts by currency or bank account, as both short- and long-term forecasts without any restrictions as regards day-week month.
  • Can be used as a basis for preparing hedging reports.
  • Manual input in web interfaces or via a direct link from MS Excel.
  • Transparency – easy to perform analyses with built-in drilldown function in all reports and graphs.
  • Historical forecasts available.
  • Consolidation to the various levels within your group.
  • Efficient routine which you can easily manage yourself.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Makes using liquidity forecasts at group level a natural part of your group reporting, with structured follow-up of outcomes against forecasts.
  • Can be used either standalone or fully integrated with AARO.
  • AARO Cash Forecast presents the forecasts in the report generator and can be exported to MS Excel or other external BI tools.

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