AARO Closing Services

AARO Closing Services

AARO Closing Services is a specialised service for customers, providing quality-enhancing support before and during the period-end closing process to help you get everything ready on time.

Online or local help, according to your needs

AARO Closing Services helps many AARO customers to ease the stress during closing periods.

Consultants with AARO expertise provide you with practical assistance during the period-end closing operations, at either group level or subsidiary level.

We provide all types of services, from preparations, to complex questions during the closing process. Either online or at your office. The most common closing services we provide are:

  • System preparations – routine tasks that take time and repetitive period-end closing tasks.
  • Expertise – unique or complex tasks that require a certain expertise or capacity to complete.
  • Quality – help with the coordination, documentation and quality control of the period-end closing process.

Book anything between one hour, to several days with an interim consultant

We support you throughout the closing process or during parts of it, as well as advice, if needed. For example, we can analyse your entire process and identify areas for improvement to speed up the closing process and improve its overall quality.

Simply book in advance the most suitable option for your requirements. We provide our services for any length of time you require, from an hour or so, half a day, or longer sessions spread over several days.

  • Support – shorter sessions lasting a couple of hours or a longer session over several days.
  • Interim consultant – for greater needs when on a tight closing deadline.
  • Outsourcing – we manage the entire closing process.

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