AARO Dimension Import

AARO Dimension Import

Avoid the duplication of tasks to create the group’s analysis dimensions in AARO, by instead importing them with AARO Dimension Import. Faster, more flexible and much easier than doing this manually.

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Why AARO Dimension Import and what do we mean by ‘dimensions’?

What we call dimensions are different operational, financial or non-financial groups of business areas that companies can use to analyse their performance or identify weaknesses which can be eliminated. Common dimensions are:

  • Cost centres
  • Business areas
  • Countries
  • Markets
  • Customer segments
  • Products
  • Production lines
  • Environmental statistics
  • etc.

With many dimensions that have a relation to each other, such as project and business area or property and cost centre, the maintenance of these dimensions and its dimension members often increases in scope.

Maintenance and monitoring can take place manually in AARO but, like all administrative tasks, requires both time and resources. This is precisely where AARO Dimension Import can help!

How AARO Dimension Import works

With the AARO Dimension Import add-on product, you can instead import these values, using a semi-automated process.

All new dimension members, and the entire hierarchical relationship between dimension elements for different dimensions, are imported directly from ERP systems and placed in the appropriate location in AARO.

The starting point is a defined text file that can contain data from one or more dimensions, which you specify as the source.

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