AARO SaaS (Software as a Service) is a complete installation of AARO as a cloud-based service, whereby we manage and monitor all of the IT infrastructure and necessary functionalities.

Focus on your business operations

With AARO SaaS, you use and work in AARO just as if the system were installed on site with you. The added benefit is that you do not have to focus on IT infrastructure, maintenance or updates.

You put 100% focus on the business operations – we manage and monitor installation and operation.

Secure, reliable cloud service with a fully comprehensive IT infrastructure

Our SaaS Operations team provides a secure cloud-based service with a fully comprehensive IT infrastructure, storage, security backup, security update, antivirus software and monitoring.

We can deliver all our AARO products as SaaS solutions.

Benefits of AARO SaaS:

  • Security.
    Meets all the security standards and obligations that are required to protect your financial data in an optimal way, from physical to logistical barriers to protection.
  • High accessibility.
    Supplied from three separate physical locations with IT infrastructure redundancy, to provide access 24/7/365.
  • Performance.
    Adaptable to specific customer needs and supports high workloads.
  • Logging, monitoring and measurement data.
    Automatic monitoring and logging of measurement data on both the IT platform (CPU, memory, disk, etc.) and the application (e.g. performance analysis), are performed continuously.

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