AARO Version Management

AARO Version Management

AARO Version Management ensures that your AARO installation is maintained, secure and compatible with the latest features and functions at all times. This service can be added to AARO SaaS or to your local installation.

Keep your AARO installation operating efficiently!

With the Version Management service, you can be certain that you always have the latest and relevant functions available in your installation, without having to involve your IT staff each time. AARO Version Management keeps your AARO installations updated, all year round.

This is AARO Version Management

AARO Version Management ensures that you have an optimised software that always includes all the latest and relevant functions, that will facilitate your entire organisation’s day-to-day work.

Version Management can be based on any older version of AARO, and the upgrades are made to either the latest or second latest versions of AARO, so that you can work in a version of AARO that we maintain and support.

CPV and Major, what is the difference?

The upgrades consist of 3-4 intermediate upgrades and one (1) Major upgrade per year:

  • CPV upgrade – 3-4 times per year.
    These upgrades improve the AARO installation by one or more versions within your existing AARO version and include corrections, optimisation and system and performance improvements.
  • Major upgrade – once a year.
    The Major version meets new and changing customer and market needs. It includes new functionality and technical and functional improvements.

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