Three employees, three decades, one anniversary! This year Aaro Systems turns 30!

Time flies, and it’s amazing how much that has happened since 1989 when Aaro Systems, named after the founder Jonas Aaro, was registered as a company.

We asked three employees, here representing a decade each, to briefly reflect on their participation in our development and their insights.

Matthias Bolliger

Matthias Bolliger, developer, started at Aaro Systems in 1995. Based at our office in Tallinn.

Matthias, you are one of the first “Aaroites” and possess a very deep AARO knowledge, since you have worked both on the customer side and with product development. Tell us how you experienced Aaro Systems’ 90s and how you look at the future.

“When I started working at Aaro, I was among the first employees. At that time, I was a mostly out visiting customers and did “everything” that needed to be done. Since then, the company has developed a lot, but the family feeling is still the same. That’s probably why I’m still here, because I really like it here!

I feel like the “embryo”, the little parts that eventually became AARO, was good from the beginning, but it is also fun to have been involved in the development of such a technologically advanced product, which is still improved, even today.

I think – if drilldown was the greatest AARO-development of “my” decade, I think that the biggest technical leap in recent years is that AARO can be installed directly in the cloud. It is a natural development that benefits all types of customers.”

Torbjörn Alfredsson, started as application consultant at Aaro Systems in 2007, is now Head of Global Sales Support. Based at our office in Gothenburg.

Torbjörn AlfredssonAfter performing a large number of implementations of AARO as application consultant and customer manager in the Gothenburg area, you have met many customers and different challenges. What is the best thing with an implementation project?

”The most fun thing is to be a part of entire implementation journey – from the design phase at the beginning, to the project completion. Customers can have quite different sets and requirements, which means each implementation is unique in its own way.

Being involved in the process when the customers vision is transformed into an established process, where AARO becomes the machinery that will take their consolidating and group reporting to new heights, is just as inspiring every time!”

Josefin Bergdahl, application consultant, started at Aaro Systems 2016. Based in Malmö.

Josefin BergdahlBeing relatively “new” at Aaro Systems, what do you like the most about your time with us so far and about the AARO product?

”Before I started working at Aaro Systems, in a previous employment I had already worked as a system administrator using AARO.

I liked working with the system and appreciated that we, as customers, were asked to provide our insights and suggestions about new and improved functions to Aaro Systems. We felt privileged that Aaro listened to us. Now that I work here myself, I have been able to closely observe how beneficial it is to use customers’ suggestions in development, both in the system and in our processes. It moves the development of the product in the right direction.

As a consultant, it is nice to feel appreciated when you are on an assignment. It is evident that they appreciate getting consultant support and expertise about the product directly from the producer, straight from Aaro Systems.”
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