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The better you get to know AARO, the more you appreciate its features, logic and possibilities! Here are all our online courses.

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  • AARO Basic Training

We want everyone using AARO to be able to use it to its full potential.Therefore, we regularly offer an up-to-date basic training over two full days, online.

The education makes the participant more effective and self-sufficient and is an excellent training for anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of the system.The basic training is also held for all ournew implementations.

  • AARO System Administration

This course is good for those of you who are new to system administration in AARO or need to update your knowledge.The course is usually scheduled in connection with AARO basic training.

  • AARO Lease

We go through how to register lease contracts and how to produce reports and analyse the information. 
The program includes specific functionality for AAROLease, and part of some the basic functionality in AARO that you need to be able to use AAROLease.

  • Legal In-depth

In-depth / advanced course. Legal in-depth at AARO is a continuation of our Basic training in AARO, created for you who are working with the acquisitions register in AARO and organizational changes. We go through the legal logic to gain a deeper understanding of how legal consolidation is done in AARO.

A rewarding course for you with experience of AARO that want to further develop and deepen your system knowledge.

  • Reconciliations and Analysis in AARO (previously Analysis in AARO)

In-depth /advanced course. A rewarding course for group accountants who work with reconciliation and analysis in AARO. The training focuses on legal / consolidated accounting reconciliations, as well as how you best investigate reasons why differences may have arisen. 

We delve into various parameters including a more detailed review of what the terms Company, FromCompany and legal types signify. This makes the foundation for the analysis of legal changes that you then can make in AARO.

  • Delta Training

In Delta training, we go through new functionality and changes that have been made between your version of AARO and the very latest.

  • Toolbox Training

Toolboxenables additional functionality, for example AAROIntegrator, AARO Word Reporter and AARO PowerPoint Generator, which can be added to all versions of AARO.If you choose to install an additional functionality from theToolbox range, we offer suitable training.

  • Tailored Training

We can put together tailor-made courses, either linked toAARO, or other types of training within group reporting and consolidated accounting.