AARO Analysis – Reports & Excel

AARO Analysis – Reports & Excel

AARO Analysis – Reports and Excel is an introduction to AAROs powerful report module.

It will give you the tools for building your report package in AARO or in MS Excel and will also show you the different possibilities to do ad hoc analysis and calculations of your financial statements.

In this training session you will learn how to create and edit reports, how to build and export your report packages. You will learn how to build report packages using Relative period so that your Actual reports are updated with the relevant comparison periods like your Budget or Last year periods.

AARO Analysis – Reports and Excel


  • Create, edit and run reports
  • Analyse report details
  • Additional features in reports
  • Comments reports
  • Export reports
  • Reports and basic analysis in AARO MS Excel Add-in
  • Document handling

Target group: This session is intended for you that want to learn about AAROs report and analysis’ features and the different possibilities that are available for analysing your financial statements in MS Excel Add-in. This training is for you who is working with the analysis feature in AARO to build management reports.

We recommend this training for users who are used to working in the old Windows client and now wants a better knowledge of the web client.

  • Group Reporters
  • Group Controllers
  • Management
  • Company Reporters

Prerequisite: None

Level: Basic

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Time (CEST): 08:30 am-12:00 pm.
Time (EAT):
9:30 am-1 pm.
Time (GST/Dubai):
10:30 am-2 pm.

(Please login to the training session 15 minutes before the start time, to allow time for any technical issues to be resolved.)


200 2000 20,800 750

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