Delta Training in AARO

Delta Training in AARO

Delta training upon request. In our delta training, we go through all the new functionalities in the latest version of AARO (AARO22).

Content, some examples:

  • Gauges on dashboard is a new way of presenting the progress of your business compared to set targets.
  • Currency in match report – analyse the intercompany differences in any currency.
  • By creating revisions for logics and define which revision to apply in the consolidation of a period you have better support for changes.
  • Define if workflow content and their presentation in agenda on a dashboard should follow the dashboard user group belonging or not.
  • Copy to multiple periods.
  • Exclude dimension items in reports.
  • Hide text dimension values.
  • Search in reports tree.
  • Print recon result to Excel.
  • Split Code and Description in Excel.

Target group: This training is suitable for existing AARO users that wants to learn about new features in our recent versions in order to plan your future progress and development of your AARO installation. 

  • Group Reporters

Time: 2 hours

Upon request

Upcoming dates:

Upon request
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