AARO Legal In-depth – get a deeper understanding of how legal consolidation is done in AARO.

AARO Legal In-depth is a continuation of our basic education for those who work with the acquisition register in AARO.…

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AARO Group Accounting – how to handle and ensure accuracy and completeness of the group’s consolidation and closing.

An important two-session training for all new AARO users. It gives you an overview of how to handle the Group’s consolidation and closing in AARO.…

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AARO System Administration – Workflows and reconciliation – Customize workflows in Dashboard for every step of the closing process.

Get the tools to monitor the company reporters’ progress and guide on when controllers can start the analysis of the closing.


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AARO Analysis – Reports and Excel – an introduction to AAROs powerful report module.

A course that gives you the tools for building report packages in AARO or in MS Excel, the different possibilities to do ad hoc analysis, and more.…

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AARO Company Reporting – focus on the closing process in AARO from a reporting subsidiary’s perspective.

The training is split into two training sessions and is designed to enable you to get started in AARO and to understand the interface and features.…

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AARO Lease IFRS 16 – gives you sufficient knowledge in registering and analysing the effects of your leasing contracts.

Learn the basics of AARO Lease IFRS 16, the tool that gives you control over your leasing contracts and the IFRS 16 effects in your group.…

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