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AARO Academy – Online trainings

AARO Academy provides online training courses to cater to your different learning needs in AARO.

The better you get to know our AARO products, the more you appreciate the features, logic and possibilities.

Our courses range from basic knowledge about tools and features in our AARO products to more advanced aspects of consolidated financial statements such as maintaining complex group structures, disposals, and reorganisations.

Depending on your prior knowledge and interactions with the system, you can combine our trainings into a personalized training program to fit the requirements for you and your staff.


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Training for all different needs

AARO Academy provides a wide range of courses to fill knowledge gaps for company reporters, controllers, group accountants etc.

AARO training programs consists of a catalogue of separate training modules. Participants can attend separate sessions as well as follow the basic training program in order learn how to work with AARO in specific roles, or just join separate sessions to refresh previous knowledge.

Always direct hands-on practise in our AARO training environments

The online training sessions includes practical hand-on exercises in AARO’s’ training environment. You are given the opportunity during the training to have access to a personal database.

We have allowed our clients the flexibility to attend the training sessions on the dates that suits their calendars. However, we have a recommended order in which to take courses as prior basic courses provide a knowledge build-up which is fundamental to understand subsequent and more complex courses.