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AARO Academy – Covers your training in AARO & beyond

AARO Academy provides online training courses to cater to your different learning needs in AARO and the IFRS standards.

AARO Academy is an online Academy that specializes in Group Accounting and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) trainings. We also deliver training in our specific software for group reporting, AARO.

The Academy has highly skilled instructors and experts, which enables it to offer its trainees interactive and practical scenario-based IFRS/Group accounting trainings.

AARO Academy’s vision is to be your preferred long-term competence partner for all aspects of group reporting. To achieve its vision, AARO Academy creates educational environment that helps its target customers to realize a variety of goals, including excellence, high standards of performance, and integrity in preparing group consolidated financial statements.

General IFRS training and AARO software products training

Our extensive program consists of practical training that is held frequently as per our calendar. You can also book our IFRS experts for one-to-one sessions or consultations regarding your specific accounting issues.

AARO Academy offers standard training in two critical areas classified as follows:

  • General training
  • AARO software products training.

Always direct hands-on practise in our AARO training environments

The online training sessions includes practical hand-on exercises in AARO’s’ training environment. You are given the opportunity during the training to have access to a personal database.

We have allowed our clients the flexibility to attend the training sessions on the dates that suits their calendars. However, we have a recommended order in which to take courses as prior basic courses provide a knowledge build-up which is fundamental to understand subsequent and more complex courses.

Onboarding program

We recommend new customers and new employees at our customers to join our onboarding program (also included in new customers’ agreement).

Please look at the table below to see which training courses are included in your onboarding program. The sequence indicates the order in which the training courses should be taken.

More information about content and prerequisites can be found on the page for each course:

Training Recommended Sequence
AARO Company Reporting 1
AARO System Administration – Closing Administration 2
AARO Group Accounting 3
AARO Analysis – Reports and Excel 4
AARO System Administration – Reporting and User Restrictions 5
AARO Analysis – Dashboards and Charts 6
AARO System Administration – Workflows and Reconciliation 7

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